Web resources for the study of the Nation, Ethnicity, and Global Society


This section is aimed at social and political scientists, historians, journalists and university students who wish to use the Internet resources for research, deepening knowledge or gathering information. The collection of links is grouped in six different themed pages.

The selection criterion for the websites was the existence of free access data bases, E-journals, extensive bibliographies, statistics, reports, surveys and thematic links and meta links. The listings are by no means exhaustive and should not be viewed as an endorsement of these web sites per se.

This page is part of the web site MENEN (Resources for the Study of the Nation, Ethnicity and Nationalism). If you arrived here through a link at some other site, please visit our Selected Bibliographies on Nations and Nationalism, or our Home page.


Last Updated: December 2005


Papers and E-Journals, Bibliographies, Meta Links, Research Centres

Web Sites which cover Every Country in the World

Economy, Society and Globalisation

Culture and Ethno-Cultural Diversity

Politics and International Relations

History and Geography (Maps)


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