This set of bibliographies is aimed at social and political scientists, researchers in history and cultural studies and post-graduate students working on the questions of nation, ethnicity, nationalism and transnationalism. These bibliographies are the result of a selection, which is always provisional and always partial. The bibliographies shall be updated biennially.

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Last Updated: December 2005


1. – Journals and Reference Books

2. – Nation and Nationalism: Theories, History, Typologies

Theories and Typologies of Nationalism

Nation Building and State Formation

Nation in History

3. – Nation and Nationalism: Regional Studies

4. – Identities and National Cultures

The Invention of the Nation

National Identity

The Making of National Cultures

Patriotism and Everyday Nationalism

5. – Ethnicity and Nationalism



Indigenous Peoples

6. – Nation and Citizenship

Citizenship and Nation-State

Immigration Policies


7. – A World of Nations

The Nation and the International System


The Nation-State and Globalization

The Fate of the Nation-State

8. – Deconstructing the Nation

Nation, Post-Modernism and Post-Colonialism

Gender and Nation

9. – Thematic Issues

Nation and Ideologies: Communism, Fascism, Liberalism

Religion and Nationalism

Sports and Nationalism



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